Praise for Baby Deer Bakery

"Auntie Cory makes delicious cupcakes and you are missing out if you don't try them!"

~Laila, age 6

"The fantabulous Cory bakes for me all the time, which is no easy task. I'm celiac. She is amazingly attentive to special diets and bakes for everyone with immense care. She has educated herself on all things cross-contamination and is my go-to baker for every special occasion. She dreams up anything I ask for and she makes it with love and a touch of what can only be described as fairy dust, because her phenomenal treats are absolutely sublime."

~Claire, co-founder/owner of Drama Inc. acting studio

"Cory bakes up some serious deliciousness, mixing and pouring a bit of herself into all her creations- you can taste the magic."

~Claudine, owner Strive Foods

"Cory gives Mary Berry a run for her money."


"The cake was insane. Everyone loved the cake and said they didn't even know it was vegan. You are the best."

~A newly vegan Sweet 16

Cory’s baking is so damn good she needs to get an honorary mention in the British Bake-Off (even though she's an American).

~ Michael