Baby Deer Bakery grew out of a life long love of baking that began in my grandmother's kitchen and evolved into a passion for creating the perfect cake or cookies to celebrate family and friends both near and far. At Baby Deer, we believe that sending someone homemade cookies is synonymous with sending a hug and that biting into your favorite cupcake flavor is as personal as reconnecting with an old friend over a cup of tea. And most importantly, we believe that cookies and cupcakes are for everyone, regardless of dietary preference. (And that dietary restrictions should never be a limiting factor on delicious.) 

We hope you will find a cookie or cupcake flavor (or two...or six...) that delights you.

Welcome to our family.

Baby Deer Bakery is a cottage food business based in Atlanta, GA. Cookies and frost-your-own or inside out (frosting on the inside) cupcakes are available for shipping within the state.